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Tianzhuang Development Zone, xinji city, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province (48.7km from Hengjing Line)

EPS production line

Hebei Xuelong independently innovated, optimized the structure of EPS foam advance machine, improved the process procedure of EPS foam advance machine, equipped with automatic detection system, increased the effective volume of EPS polystyrene foam barrel on the basis of greatly improving the performance of the whole machine of foam advance machine, successfully melted the first and second advance into one machine, realized quantitative constant temperature advance, and automatic detection and adjustment of EPS foam density, technical and technological innovations such as automatic maintenance and adjustment of the drying bed temperature.
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TC production line

TC full-automatic production line equipment modular assembly, with step-by-step moving conveyor line chain plate as the main line, the equipment automatically hangs steel bar truss, steel bar mesh, mold base plate and other raw materials, and automatically realizes welding, cushion block, punching, nail screwing and other series of operations, and finally the finished product is automatically turned over and palletized.
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PC Component Production Line

PC component production line is used to produce concrete prefabricated components, PC boards, thin wall panels, partition wall panels, load-bearing wall panels, light wall panels, floor slab prefabricated components, floor slab prefabricated components, laminated panels, air conditioning slab prefabricated components, balcony slab prefabricated components, trench cover components, special-shaped components, etc. According to different types of molds, different types of prefabricated component products are produced.
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