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Account Manager






1. Complete sales targets and plans, assist in dealing with other emergencies;
2. Maintain close and benign communication with their customers, follow up their daily marketing activities, and report to their superiors in a timely manner;
3. Receive customer consultation, count customer needs, answer customer questions and improve customer satisfaction;
4, responsible for the statistics of customer purchase, sale and storage data, to prevent out of stock;
5, complete the monthly sales forecast, customer advance orders;
6. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders;


1. At least 1 year sales experience;
2. Industry experience is preferred;
3. Strong sense of customer service, committed to improving the service quality of senior customers;
4. Have excellent learning ability, be able to quickly understand product knowledge and business processes, have strong ability to discover, analyze and solve problems and team cooperation;
5. Gentle and patient personality, strong comprehensive quality and communication skills;
6, be careful, honest, optimistic, have a strong sense of responsibility, willing to contribute;